14 Reasons for Joint Pain

14 reasons for joint pain [yestogoodness.com]
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Joint pain can take up many forms, be it knee pain, shoulder pain, or back pain. It spares no joint, spreads with ease, and if left unattended, the consequences can be unforgiving for life. Joint pain supplements can ease this pain, but most of the time, the effect is just temporary.

So, what now?

Well, you can avoid excruciating joint pain by changing a few habits in your life. Read below to know what they are:

1. Thumb texting

Texting using only your thumbs can be very harmful as it puts the thumb in an awkward and hyperextended position which irritates the tendons. Thumbs are responsible for the proper functioning of the hand up to 60% of the time. Take care of your hands and avoid overuse of your thumb to prevent joint pain.

2. Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels can put one’s feet in an awkward state that stresses the joints, strains the muscles, and disrupts the alignment. These high heels also put extra work on thigh muscles in keeping the knees straight. Wearing high heeled footwear also increases the risk for osteoarthritis and foot pain in women who wear them.

3. Using shoes with poor support

Neglecting the use of supportive shoes, most especially when playing sports, can also give rise to joint pain. These often result in osteoarthritis, foot pain, joint pain, and joint problems. If your footwear doesn’t provide ample support to your feet or ankles, you must consider changing them. High heels, slippers, and sandals are often a common example of bad footwear.

4. Cracking Knuckles

Cracking knuckles is another habit that can pave the way for joint pain. The cracking sound produced is the result of ligaments snapping against the bone and fluid bubbles that burst around the joints. This can result in microtrauma to the ligaments, which can lead to inflammation and joint pain.

5. Carrying heavy backpacks

Carrying heavy backpacks puts extra stress on your neck, shoulder, and back. Avoid carrying heavy backpacks for long periods of time. Also, don’t carry your backpack by a single strap. Make it a habit to carry your bag using two straps to keep the weight balanced and distributed on both shoulders.

6. Improper lifting

You must observe proper body mechanics when lifting, carrying, and moving heavy objects. This is to ensure that the right muscles are used efficiently and that injuries are avoided with minimal effort on your part.

7. Exercising without stretching

Always stretch your muscles. Stretching improves the flexible element and eases the joint pain. Furthermore, it strengthens muscle and tendons, lubricates joints, boosts the ability to have the essential range of motion, boosts blood flow, increase muscle temperature, and prepares the muscles for the work ahead.

8. Strength training

Pass the age of 40, the muscles start to get thinner and start to degenerate slowly. Strength training can help prevent your muscles from wasting away and slow down the rate of bone loss. However, it is best to consult with your doctor for an approved and guided exercise regimen.

9. Smoking

It’s a no-brainer!  Say no to smoking and using tobacco products! The tobacco and nicotine present in cigarettes reduce the blood flow to bones and tissues, decreases the calcium absorption in the bone, and interferes with the function of estrogen in the body. Additionally, it also affects the functioning of the immune system.

10. Sleeping problems

Not getting enough sleep can also give rise to Joint Pain. Majority of the people who suffer from arthritis have a sleeping problem. Sleeping problems can make Joint Pain and its symptoms worst with time. Consult with a doctor immediately, if needed.

11. Poor posture

Stand up straight! Having a bad posture can result in joint and back pain. A poor posture meddles with the spinal alignment and increases the stress in your joints and muscles. Later on, it can also decrease your range of motion and throw you off balance. So always stand up straight with your shoulders laid back and head held high!

12. Long computer hours

Working for long straight hours at the computer can also give rise to joint pain, which will usually manifest in the neck, back, and shoulder joints. Take frequent breaks, stretch your arms, and invest in an ergonomic chair to combat this problem.

13. Having a poor form

Having a poor physical form while playing sports or doing intense physical activities can also lead to joint pain. When playing or learning a new sport, it is best to take professional lessons from a trainer to learn how to properly do things. Sports injuries are common in beginning athletes. One example of this is the tennis elbow.

14. Ignoring joint pain

Lastly, if you’re feeling the symptoms of joint pain, don’t ignore it. Have yourself checked immediately and follow the recommendations of your doctor.

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